Rainco Product Portfolio – Umbrellas, Rain wear, Mosquito Nets, Shoe & Foot Care

Welcome to the world of Rainco beneath the shades of the world’s favorite Umbrellas, Mosquito Nets and Raincoats.

Rainco offers a wide variety of high quality products to suit many purposes.

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Rainco will create and deliver the highest value to our consumers, retailers, suppliers and employees as the premier marketing and distribution company, responsibly and sustainably. We will achieve leadership in sales, profit and value creation, by focusing on innovation in products, services and technology and improve the lives of our employees, shareholders and the communities we live in. Rainco will continue to shape and lead markets in the South Asian region.

Today, it is a large-scale manufacturing, marketing and distribution company with a growing global presence in the Fashion Accessories, Family care, Baby care, Rainwear, Shoe & Foot Care. Rainco is the premier brand, face and distribution-arm of the business, whilst all manufacturing is done under the name of Sri Lanka Umbrella Industries. Like all great innovators, it is a company that is very passionate about what it does. If we think it, we don’t let much stop us from doing it. Thanks to that, and an ever-enthusiastic team, Rainco is today a leading player in the industry.